Improve coordination, achieve cost efficiencies and scale effectively.

Utilization planning for labour, material, and equipment

Effective communication between architects, contractor and site crews

Extended site visibility – anytime, anywhere, on any device

Contractor and labour performance reporting

Seamlessly interact, monitor multiple projects and sites, and utilize the workforce efficiently to increase performance and profitability.

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Project Portfolio Management

Streamline every phase of your construction project from planning and scheduling to inspection and commissioning, to prevent construction errors, mitigate technical risks, and control budgets.

Business Analytics

Keep track of resources, daily operations, projects’ performance, associated risks, opportunities, forecasts, and all other critical information you care about for fast delivery and higher margins.

Cloud Adoption

Enable your workforce to access project documents, contracts, RFIs, submittals, schedules, from any job site, anytime, using any device to remove IT roadblocks, and maximize performance.

Productivity & business automation

Experience collaborative and secure work environment, and keep everyone in the organization connected, synchronized and updated about company news, documents, invoices, blueprints and more.

Get your work done efficiently and turn opportunities into profits.

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