Measure the impact of your programs and accelerate positive change in the community.

Events and programs planning and scheduling

Analytics for marketing, fundraising, and utilization

Information library and
knowledge sharing

Save money by moving
IT to the cloud

Workers in non-profit organizations often wear many hats, which makes it hard to organize projects effectively, gain complete visibility across the operations and maintain high productivity.

Whether you need help streamlining your program management, improving collaboration among your team, or tracking the spending, Advaiya provides advanced technology solutions that will help you reach your goals and change the world for the better.

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Project Portfolio Management

Manage projects effectively and increase productivity with efficient planning and visibility into resources, timelines, budget, risks and more – all in one place- so you can evaluate the portfolio and prioritize your initiatives.

Adaptive BI

Track the progress of your programs and extract intelligent insights through interactive visuals to take informed decisions for effective marketing and fundraising.

Cloud Adoption

Strive to focus on the core mission and execute operations easily by reducing burden of managing IT, and decreasing the cost of operations.

Digital Workspace

Deliver best-in-class user experience to your staff and volunteers, and give them the flexibility to stay up-to-date and in-sync wherever they are, using any device of their choice.

We help you with innovative solutions, so you can help the world and raise greater awareness on a global stage.

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