Influencers are professionals, who have a good reputation to impact or influence other person’s perspective around any specific domain or technology. Audience under direct or indirect contact with the key opinion leaders can easily get influenced towards the brand or product promoted by them.

Advaiya incorporates an analytical framework approach to help organizations identify influencers, research and analyze their varying scope of influence across mediums including social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter), publications (Books, blogs, media publications), public events and social forums. Aligning with influencers, who possess effective expertise and have a broad sphere of influence, can help maximize your marketing investment.

Our approach

  • Understand product/services offerings and identify the key segments to target.
  • Research for initial list of profiles across analyst reports, articles and forums
  • Develop a research framework for capturing all relevant information for each of the selected profile.
  • Identify criteria for categorization of the profiles as believers, haters, or neutrals.
  • Identify the rating mechanism for ranking the profiles based on their attribute values.
  • Perform detailed research for the selected profiles to fetch required details.
  • Analyse and create reports based on the information collected.

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