Modern Intranet Portal for Tata Technologies


To enable global sales teams, Tata Technologies was looking to define a more efficient way for representatives to find the content they need. The marketing, sales and delivery team of the client were creating and hosting the content on various SharePoint document libraries independent of one another. This led to numerous challenges including – no specific file naming convention or standard, no mechanism for viewing “approved” vs. “non-approved” content and no way to distinguish content as ‘allowed for public sharing’ vs. ‘strictly internal use only’. To overcome these challenges they wanted to have a single central repository to upload and find content quickly and easily.

Advaiya leveraged O365 services and developed ‘Solution Central’ portal to serve as a single library of marketing and sales content (PPTs, case studies, whitepapers, videos, etc.) that is accessible across the organization. Our team leveraged the document management capabilities of SharePoint Online to develop a portal that facilitates following key features:

  • Content Approval Workflow to upload content, tag content to organize and identify content quickly
  • Easy view for “customer-facing” vs. “internal” content
  • Advanced search functionality to enable users to narrow results by TataTech taxonomy such as Line of Services, Industry, Resource Type, Theme, Geography, Audience, Date Produced, Author, etc.
  • Create and subscribe alerts to receive email notifications for new content arrival on portal.