Any organization can leverage email to easily organize and manage documents and information in SharePoint. Rule-based automatic monitoring of designated mailboxes can be used to extract and filter information, enable attachment categorization, set up library management and more.

Solution Need

The vast majority of data and documents in most organizations is generated via email, but consolidating and processing email in a structured and effective way can present quite a challenge. Most email systems treat all content equally, making it difficult to act on it, or even organize or manage according to its content. Organizations today recognize that better management of email communication based on its context is a crucial requirement for business. SharePoint is a best-in-class tool for enterprise records and collaboration management solutions. Managing, organizing and processing emails and attachments in SharePoint ensures that the email and its content become structured and can easily be organized, managed, tracked, and located.

Our Solution

Our IESS app helps you unify these two powerful worlds in a single solution. We can provide an effective email content management solution on SharePoint that supports classifications of emails and preserves critical emails and attachments in SharePoint, based on defined filters such as “Sent," “Received," “Subject," “Date", “Email Body" and more.

Our app automatically captures and categorizes emails and attachments to SharePoint libraries based on the customized and defined dictionary and rule book. Each time a new email is received, the app uses the rule engine to route the email or content to the correct library, which can be located in a different site collection. This app, by design, captures and records all the properties of emails and attachments to SharePoint content types and lists.

Intelligent Email Sorter Demo Video

Solution Benefits

Advaiya’s IESS app offers several advantages for managing emails and attachments in SharePoint.

  • Remove manual effort in email categorization and filtering, with no need to perform manual actions such as drag-and-drop to move or copy emails and attachments. This streamlines user processes and improves productivity.
  • Automatically capture designated email properties and store them in SharePoint lists without user intervention, and use advanced metadata capabilities for improved search and e-discovery.
  • Emergency email option for IESS mail reading service failure alerts
  • Provision to add multiple keywords under condition and exception tabs for any IESS rules
  • Convert contextual information in email to relevant SharePoint objects like task lists, blog posts, and more for improved collaboration and decision making.
  • Structure and automate processing of email attachments based on defined and classified content types and templates.
  • Automatically trigger workflows on email and attachments based on rules and SharePoint document library settings.
  • Automate organization rules, implement different classification schemes, and minimize burdens on IT.
  • An option to rename the attachment files before uploading it into the selected Library, if document name already exist
  • Enhance collaboration between members of a team or department who share email as part of a project.

Sample Use Cases for Email Sorter

  • Create a resume library for HR based on positions or openings defined in email subject lines.
  • Build a proposal library based on an email filtering rule such as department and subject.
  • Extract sales report information and automatically update your dashboard based on defined document properties and metadata.
  • Convert an email related to any particular corporate initiative to a SharePoint task list.
  • Extract email content into corporate announcements, discussions, wikis, or blogs.
  • Set up email-driven task creation and management based on a SharePoint task list.

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