Companies come in all kinds – from those who keep a close eye on their employees, banning even the use of cell phones in the premises, to the ones who have blurred the lines between work and play. Ours falls in the latter category, believing in work hard and play harder.

The office culture allows our folks to take a break from work and blow off some steam playing the game of table tennis, cricket or volleyball.

For those looking for a less peppy break, there are expansive green lawns, to take a walk or jog, as they may prefer.

The company encourages employees to actively participate in sports activities in breaks and on the weekends. We consider that a physically active team performs better in the long run, and sports is absolutely the best way to foster employee interaction, and build team-spirit.

Apart from the daily enrichment activities, every Saturday cricket matches are organized by the employees, and here’s what they have to say –

“It’s a stress buster, and of course a healthy team exercise for all of us,” says the organizer of the weekend sports, Vikas Sharma, who is a Business Solutions Executive at Advaiya.

“Sports provides a base to be a self-starter, and inculcates abilities to overcome challenges in job and life alike,” says Kamlesh Dave, Director of Professional Services at Advaiya, and a cricket enthusiast. “And yes, it is a great rejuvenating activity to help prepare better for the coming week.”

It’s rightly said that the environment has a huge impact on how you work. The friendly working environment, flexible work hours, work from home facility, and support among team members keep us all highly motivated at Advaiya.

Posted by Advaiya

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