Deliver a remarkable shopping experience that brings together the store and back office operations through intelligent, personalized applications. Gain access to real-time store and customer data, and use business intelligence dashboards to meet customer expectations.

Benefits of modern store experience

Better accessibility – With cloud-based ERP applications, you and your employees can easily access data anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Scalability – Upgrade or downgrade your ERP system based on your business needs. Save cost on subscriptions by paying for what is needed.

Increased productivity – Employees can easily access the most current information and data, and easy to use cloud-based platforms will help them get what they need to be more efficient.

Improved reporting – Various departments can access information seamlessly with an automated template system, thus eliminating the possibility of improper reporting.

Integration – Seamless integration of ERP system with your company’s existing programs to make the best use of existing infrastructure.

Exciting and innovative features for your retail business

Get insights on your customer buying patterns

  • Create connected customer experience by leveraging customer insights
  • Use promotion strategies to attract customers
  • Get detailed insights on your customers buying history
  • With real-time data deliver real-time recommendations and promotions

Manage your daily store operations

  • POS sales based on customers purchase history
  • Manage sale associate performance and provide automated directions for day-to-day store operations
  • Effectively manage product prices and promotions
  • Manage planogram based on demographics, segmentation, and sales

Merchandise management based on sales

  • Use analytics to reduce stock outs
  • Dynamic pricing based on product, store, and region.
  • Get insights on promotion performance and manage inventory level accordingly
  • Manage omnichannel fulfillment with distributed order management

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