Personas are fictitious, generalized characters that encompass various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your real and potential customers. They help you drive marketing and sales strategies, identify opportunities and product gaps, and develop a common language about different buying roles (decision maker, user persona development, buyer, influencer, recommender, end user).

Whether you need to better align your sales and marketing, build a new website, create a compelling content strategy, Advaiya persona development consultants can help you build effective personas to accelerate customer experience management. Our team of UX persona development experts use a simple yet agile approach to create a customized solution specific to your objective.

Our approach

  • Understand your product/services offerings
  • Create user segments and roles for research
  • Research on personas
    • Secondary research – web search, analyst reports, whitepapers,
      research studies, research communities and user groups
    • Surveys/Questionnaires
    • Goal directed buyer persona
  • Create personas based on the segments and research consolidation
  • Identify persona characteristics that include role, age, education, skills, among others
  • Identify decision competence and communication channels for each persona
  • Recommended positioning and marketing framework mapped to each persona

Audience Amplification

To get your content in front of the right audience, we create bespoke strategies to influence independent and third-party communities. Our team develops recommendations for unengaged members/communities, suggest right message and engagement model to improve perception, build new relationships,focus on effective persona driven development and promote overall presence in targeted communities.

Our approach

  • Identify effective personas aspirations
  • Identify communities in which they are engaged – offline/online
  • Analyze which communities are favorable/neutral/unfavorable
    • Create Community SWOT analysis
    • Create reach, influence, & alignment map – ranking, rating and creating reach map for each community and event
    • Engagement recommendations
    • Specific tactics by community & event
    • Individual community analysis (for selected communities) – customer owned/ aligned/independent/competitive
  • Engagement model and messaging – how to reach individually or as a group and through what mediums
  • Suggest relevant marketing/sales/training collaterals for each persona (Build BOM)

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