Project Planning is one of the most significant and crucial parts of Project Management. Planning depends on the Project Manager and project leads knowing how they drive the project. This often changes from project to project and team to team, so having a framework to enforce policies and best practice for the team to use becomes critical for the organizations.

The accuracy of Project Planning mainly depends on:
–    How well the project goals are defined and understood by project team
–    How well the activities and techniques are defined to achieve these goals thus optimizing your resources, cost, and schedule
These two factors vary by different types of projects which is explained in the graph below

No doubt effective project management and execution is needed for all kinds of projects. A good project plan lowers the uncertainty and risk in all cases.

Advaiya AdValue offers customized Project Plan templates specific to organizational standards. The Standard Project Plan Templates like Agile Development, Software Development are built-in which can be tailored to specific needs when delivering the AdValue solution.

Along with Project Planning, Project status reporting is another time consuming weekly activity performed by the project manager and project lead the Advalue solution answers. AdValue minimizes the time spent writing a status report by providing automated weekly status reporting.

The Weekly Status Report is embedded into the Project Workspace. Project Managers can generate the weekly status report whenever they want. The report summarizes the Risk, Issues, Milestones and Current Week Task Summary in an attractive report.

Under Weekly Project Summary, A.K.A. Executive Brief, the Project Manager can enter the highlights of the week’s project activities, major decision, and explanation of the KPIS. The Report is created when the Project Manager clicks on the Create Report button at the bottom. When the report is created, and everything is to the Project Manager’s satisfaction, they use the Save & Copy button. This saves the report in Project Workspace document library for future reference and copies the report to the system clipboard to be pasted into Word or Outlook email to share with the project stakeholders.


The features of AdValue are entirely customizable or fully operational out of the box. Advalue works across all industries and from small to large, and very large enterprises. Stay Tuned to my upcoming blogs on the many more features of Advalue!

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