Professionalism’ is an oft-heard word here. This is mostly used as a catch-all term describing whatever is expected from any team member. But we do have a definition, a description of our culture.

We have identified three important tenets. We believe that these three aspects cover, at a high level, what our customers can expect from us, what Advaiya expects from its team members and the values that guide our day-to-day conduct.

The first is: being result oriented. Our efforts must lead to a tangible output. An honest failure after best efforts is a tangible output. We normally call this as a ‘deliverable’. We realize that for a deliverable to be produced, we need to go through the process of defining it, creating the same, validating it and presenting it in a usable manner. This simple process applies to every granule of output we work for. Commonsense, yes. But this explicit exposition helps us to deliver results.

Second: excellence. This means not just putting in best of our capabilities but also being aware of the quality in what we do. It requires us to be appreciative of whats good around us and understand the importance of standards and best practices. This also means that we have to strive for continual improvement and, at an individual level, learn continuously.

The third aspect is effective communication. We have learnt that success in what we do depends a lot on consistent and relevant communication with all concerned. We understand that honesty and integrity are key to effective communication. We also realize that for communication to be effective, it has to simultaneously inform and influence. In our daily practices, this means that we manage expectations, are open to feedback and maintain a trail.

Obviously, its this very professionalism that gives us the confidence to perform.

Posted by Advaiya

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