QuickProject Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Project Web Access (PWA) on mobile?

You can access your PWA server from anywhere via QuickProject app. You just need to login with the PWA URL and account credentials as provided by your organization’s administrator. Once you have logged-in successfully, you would be able to access your project, assignments and timesheets and make changes.

It is showing me invalid/unauthorized user. What do I do?

If app is showing you unauthorized user, please contact your IT administrator and get the access to reporting services enabled. QuickProject app is designed to work with both Office 365 and ADFS accounts.

How do I use “Mark as Complete" option?

Mark as complete option is a Quick update option for your assignment which updates your assignment 100% complete and send it for approval. You can also ‘Mark as Complete’ more than one assignment by selecting the check box on the left side of the assignments page.

What is the use of calendar icon in assignments page?

Calendar icon is used to set an alert/reminder in your device for the start date of an assignment assigned to you.

What is the meaning of status icons in My timesheet?

My Timesheet contains few status icons like Approved, Pending, Not Filled, and Rejected. These icons display the status of the week.

How do I fill my timesheet?

You can fill your timesheet by navigating to Timesheet->My timesheet and select the time period by tapping on status icons you want to access. Then new screen will show you the complete timesheet and you can fill your actuals and either save or submit the details.

How does timesheet save and submit option works?

Timesheet save option will save only those entries which you have updated or entered while ‘submit’ option will submit your complete week’s timesheet and send it for approval to the respective project lead/manager.

How do I contact the support team?

You can contact support at connect@advaiya.com