Business requirement
 AA Asphalting LLC one of the largest asphalt and concrete restoration company in the Pacific Northwest wanted an assessment of and recommendation for enhancing the use of technology to help make their business more productive. The overall assessment and recommendation was divided into three areas as:-
  • Technology Use, Licensing, and Cost: Options and associated costs for AA Asphalting’s software licensing needs to aggregate information & data, implement productivity solutions and move identified data and processes to a cloud platform
  • Project (Jobs) Workflow and Workspaces: Recommendation and potential costs for leveraging technology to improve project management and delivery; and artifact creation, storage, use and retention
  • Work Order, Scheduling, Billing, and Reporting: Analysis of current work order creating, scheduling process including differences by service area and provide a recommendation, including potential cost, for streamlined creation and subsequent billing and reporting via digitization and automation.


Provided Dynamics 365 Field Service as a digital platform that would help AA Asphalting deal with the current existing challenges manual processing and delayed insights due to lack of real time data insights.

  • Digitization: Digitization of Work Orders using standard workflow
  • Optimization: Optimize resource scheduling and dispatch through intelligent suggestion and ease of scheduling and reshuffling right from the schedule board.
  • Automation: Automated Work Order lifecycle to manage the transition from Open to closed state
  • Mobile Enablement: Mobile app allowing field technicians to stay updated on job schedules, location, job work and cross-team collaboration to provide best services to customer
  • Document management: SharePoint based document management tightly integrated with Dynamic and available on mobile apps as well
Outcome and Benefits
Post implementation client had got benefits as:
  • Ability to generate the Work order based on request type and scope and create multiple work orders for a request, define the priority, associated incidents and Service tasks
  • Identify and organize available service resources by category and Location (Yard) .
  • Includes Geo Location optimization and the ability to define location traffic control.
  • Priority and capacity considerations.
  • Customized Dynamics 365 mobile app to enable field workers to see information associated with work order, Incident and service tasks.
  • Document upload and download for the related work orders.
  • Capturing picture and customer signature on the go with mobile app.