Customer challenge

As part of process standardization, the business was looking for preparing standard tool to prepare MSL(Must stock list). Their process was manual which was performed by individuals and shared by email.
A single source of principles rule was not maintained thus each team had a different version of the MSL. The marketing team could not focus on a single list of priorities to improve profits.

Partner solution

  • Our primary business objective was to provide a web app to quickly prepare MSL and keep their marketing team focused on a single list of priorities.
  • It needed to have predefined rules and default values which would ease the process and help the user to know the business goals.
  • Had to have role-based access which would allow only admin users to modify the rules and business goals to eliminate defects.
  • The solution was based on Angular12 and ASP.Net Core. A web portal was created and deployed on the web server as per the client’s current infrastructure availability.

Customer benefits

  • We created a web app to create MSL for the marketing team which is available globally. Now marketing team can focus on a single list of priorities.
  • This application is saving manual efforts of 2.5Hrs – 3Hrs to create a single MSL for a region/location. MSL creation time is now less than 2 minutes for one region.
  • This app has removed human mistakes and added more accuracy in creating the MSL.
  • In addition to this role-based access and master data management are provided to manage the application without any development team in future.