Business requirements

Multiple departments used Microsoft’s Worldwide Retail Channel Marketing (WWRCM) portal to create and upload data to respective product libraries. But the documents residing on this portal were in folders nested within folders and thus, were hard to navigate and search. They needed a solution to resolve the navigation issue and make the search for the required documents more efficient.


Leveraging Office365 functionalities, Advaiya redesigned the WWRCM portal enabling the right taxonomy and a governed process for classifying, tagging and moving content into SharePoint to facilitate organized structure and ease of access. The new portal solution helped the client discover, classify, tag and migrate documents into SharePoint in a structured manner that were previously buried inside files and folders.

Outcomes and benefits

  • Advanced search functionality to show results based on users or acronyms.
  • Handy information about recent articles and execution guides for each product.
  • Customizable header, top navigation, search and footer.
  • Existing events schedule information and adding it to user’s calendar.