Business requirement

AGEL aims to have an effective central place to enable control and organizes SOPs to ensure employees always have the most up-to-date information related to procedures

Solution and Outcomes

To effectively control and organize documents throughout the life cycle proposing a SharePoint Online (Office 365) based SOP portal. The proposed solution will be compatible as per client organizational policies and guidelines for content management, branding, look and feel, experience on different devices. Following are some key features and expectations from SOP Application:​​

    • User should access, and search, filter the SOP.
    • SOP should be secure, have version control, indexing, classifications, etc.
    • System will capture the number of views of SOP 
    • User can provide rating on the SOPs
    • User can read the SOPs and give exam to get certification the SOP
    • User can view his/her all certified SOPs
    • User can view his/her team members certifications of SOPs
    • SOP Expiration notification
    • Improve collaboration
    • Searchability