At Advaiya, we’ve had the opportunity to see many technologies and methodologies aimed at helping teams collaborate and achieve goals.  We’ve had a great deal of experience helping companies deliver massive projects through our expertise in and experience with Enterprise Project Management (EPM).  EPM is a powerful set of tools and technologies, that help drive execution at a grand scale.

That said, there continue to be different approaches to how best to bridge the gap between lofty goals and executing against them.  On this matter, we welcome the thoughts of Ashok Singh, a seasoned veteran of the agile methodology, whose teachings are in high-demand- Singh talks about the power of small, dispersed and empowered teams in changing the face of organizational productivity.  A passionate purveyer and evangelist of ideas, Singh has recently launched a company, ScrumTotal; the eponymous app allows for intuitive collaboration and is designed for dynamic, small teams to achieve radical goals quickly.

Singh believes strongly in the intellectual power of “ordinary people” who when combined create amazing outcomes.  “Agile is very much about disrupting hierarchies and power-centers and understanding that both intellect and productive capacity reside everywhere, not just in the core,” says Singh.

We look forward to seeing ScrumTotal succeed and we ourselves will help play a part in this success by adopting what we have seen to be a powerful tool undergirded by a powerful philosophy.

Posted by Advaiya

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