The next big thing in business applications

The next big thing in business applications

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Capabilities of dataflows against datasets

Capabilities of dataflows against datasets

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Advaiya Announces New Virtual Events for Businesses, IT Personnel Seeking Latest Insights About Both Dashboards and Cloud Migration

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press release

[Press release] Advaiya announces 1,180 executives from 553 companies have now received training at its “Dashboard in a Day” workshops

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Scorecards provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations and resources in easily understandable dashboards and reports.

Sales and marketing

Drive engaging insights with interactive and easy-to-use dashboards and drill into the entire pipeline from customer acquisition to retention to optimize overall campaign strategy for competitive advantage.

Financial summary report

Streamline financial processes and stay up-to-date by assessing company’s financial performance in past and current fiscal periods with meaningful reports and dashboards to improve overall cash flow and income.

Customer service dashboard

Regardless of role, the unified view of information (like count of open tickets, backlogs, response/ resolution time, and more) offers a regular track on performance to identify improvement areas and take relevant actions.

Employee performance

Get a realistic view of employee’s performance and contribution to the company by assessing individual KPIs
and other performance metrics in line with company’s vision.

Comprehensive roadmap for enterprise information landscape

Deep industry specific experience

Implement the best data management practices

Standardized processes and pre-defined checklists

Business process understanding

Use of the latest tools & technologies

Turn your data into actionable insights

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Maximize business growth by tapping into the power of data with intelligent automation

Make data-driven decisions to enhance business scalability and profitability with the help of actionable insights, patterns, automation, analytics and data science

Solutions which leverage data science, intelligence and automation, to truly unlock the power of data and digitalization. Identify patterns, gain deeper insights and learning, enable smart actions and harness AI and ML for evolving applications.

AI and ML powered analytics

Transform your business with intelligent systems that can help you identify patterns, gain insights, and make fact-based decisions through advanced data science and analytics. With AI and ML based solutions take data-driven decisions at a speed your business demands.

Analytics consulting

Unlock hidden opportunities and insights from your data. Leverage the power of data and the experience of analytics consultants to improve profitability, decrease costs, identify opportunities, reduce risks, and more.

Robotic process automation

Automate any business process with your own scalable and reliable army of software robots to perform the tasks you assign. With robotic process automation (RPA) dramatically reduce operating costs, scale on demand, and increase business agility.

Actionable analytics

Use analytics to take the right business decision for improved customer experience, optimized operations, and increase in sales. Improve business productivity and maximize efficiencies by utilizing actionable analytics

Cloud, Business Applications
and Analytics Solutions

Our services help organizations embark on purposeful digital initiatives which enhance decision making, customer experience, business productivity and technology-led innovation

Work management and business productivity

Work management and business productivity

Gain efficiencies with access, automation, and integration.

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Leveraging data

Leveraging data

Build a data driven business with reliable, comprehensive and usable data analytics

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Leapfrog in your business with cutting edge data science and automation

Business intelligence with Qlik

Create visualizations, apps, and dashboards that answer the most relevant questions for your company. Understand the entire story of your data more effectively with custom built data discovery dashboards using Qlik.

Why Qlik?

Empower your business with intelligence, insights from big data, and analytics powered decisions to achieve business results. The Qlik platform brings a comprehensive approach to discovering insights from different data sources through data visualization and analytics, with both on-premises and in the cloud solutions. It is an end to end data management and analytics platform, offering solutions to manage all your data and build custom apps.

Qlik offers a solution that extends analytic value across your entire organizations, enabling you to transform your whole business with business intelligence that takes data beyond visualization.

We enable you to bring analytics to every decision with Qlik platform that extends to every team, process, application, and device. We help you combine all your data and make it analysis ready for everyone to explore freely.

Our competencies with Qlik empowers you with custom analytics and self-service capabilities, enabling your people to explore and analyze data in real-time. A few of our critical skills include:

  • BI and Analytics implementation
  • Dynamic and insightful BI applications across verticals
  • Feature-rich intuitive dashboard and visualization solutions
  • Domain-specific solutions
  • Lower development time

Get your work done efficiently and turn opportunities into profits

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Webinar recording: Business analytics to supercharge sales

Financial Performance Analysis of IT Services Company

Benefits of Business Intelligence in the Construction Industry

Benefits of business intelligence in the construction industry

The construction industry is responsible for taking up some of the biggest and most expensive projects on earth. A huge amount of capital, resources, and work goes into these...

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Data preparation and analysis with Tableau

On-premise data preparation and analysis tool to develop capability in your people to see, understand, and exploit the power of your data. Implement powerful dashboards in your company for business intelligence and visual analytics with Tableau.

Why Tableau?

  • Empower your business with an interactive data visualization tool, tailored for your organization. Analyze, forecast and publish reports that enable fast and informed decision making.
  • Tableau provides an enterprise-scale business analytics platform focused on business intelligence, helping you collect, store, transform and connect all of your relevant data.
  • Enable your people to understand data, and quickly visualize, analyze and share information. With Tableau's intuitive user interface, it's easier to find connections between a diverse set of data and collect powerful insights, and share information over simple clicks.

We offer solutions with Tableau for you to share, collaborate and govern data at scale with secure access to information across web and mobile.
Our key competencies with Tableau are:

  • Dashboard designing and implementation
  • Performance optimization
  • Ad Hoc analysis
  • Project planning
  • Server consulting and deployment
  • Best practices consulting
  • Predictive analytics

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Gain advantage of a phased approach for your next BI project

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How to embed a Power BI report into an application for your customers

How to embed a Power BI report into an application for your customers

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5 ways to turn business intelligence into business growth

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10 Keys to a Successful Business Intelligence Strategy

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Why Microsoft Power BI is the leader in business analytics?

Why Microsoft Power BI is the leader in business analytics?

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10 most popular technology blog posts

In 2017, big topics reigned in the world of cloud and analytics. Whether the subject was integrating Power BI reports with Project Server, or determining how to make the...

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Powerful Decision Making with BI

Powerful Decision Making with BI

Being in business is being in the business of decision making. Right decisions, made at the right time, and implemented in the right manner—make all the difference

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Get insights faster with Power BI

Reinforce Self-service BI with Data Discovery Platform

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Interacting with Power BI dashboards and reports in PowerPoint

Power BI team recently added the functionality to export Power BI reports to PowerPoint (in Preview). The feature does not go very far though, in...

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How to use columns from two different tables in Power BI

How to use columns from two different tables in Power BI

Ever came across a scenario where you need to perform some action or calculation on columns from two different tables? Were you able to do...

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