Chatbot for Business Automation

Enable your users like employees, customers, prospects, etc. to get complex tasks done like, raise helpdesk tickets, get latest status updates on their submitted claims, find the right product, set up facilities, ask queries related to service request, complaints, and business policies, find issues with their expenses and more via a simple chat.

Advaiya Chatbot solution interprets user requests not only reliably, but also contextually connects and automates tasks or queries through multiple business applications. It can automatically initiate conversation with users by greeting or by interactive messages.

Microsoft Cognitive Services based Advaiya Chat Framework analyzes natural language queries to identify the domain and context, calls the right enterprise database and provides appropriate responses. This enables automation of business processes via the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It understands the queries just like humans, suggests the related queries to maintain conversation flow and responds to queries in the least possible time.

Advaiya Bot solution can naturally interact with your users on a website, app, Cortana, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and more channels. It can easily integrate with your line of business applications and serves queries in natural language in regard to various transactions.

How Advaiya Chat Framework works

Solution Highlights


  • Analyze natural language queries
  • Intelligently identify request context
  • Maintain and leverage conversation flow by suggesting queries intelligently
  • Interpret unstructured data, read patterns and act on behalf of a user
  • Clearly distinguish and interpret formal and informal communication and provide response accordingly


  • Identifying correct sequence of applications and commands
  • Securely act on behalf of a user
  • Automate the complex rule-based business processes that interpret unstructured data, read patterns and more
  • On behalf of a user, trigger actions in a business application like the initiation of workflow, raising helpdesk ticket, generating case, capture lead information and more
  • Search and surface required information from the knowledgebase database and enterprise application database to provide appropriate responses

Conversation Flow

  • Automatically initiates conversation with user with greetings
  • Interpret in-formal queries and provide response
  • Apply intelligence to maintain the conversation continuity by giving suggestions and options in response
  • Make smart query recommendations based on keyword
  • Automatically generate the dialogs necessary to manage a guided conversation
  • Maintain user sessions
  • Users can also provide feedback if they are not satisfied with the response

Adoption and Learning

  • The design of chatbot is such that user can easily adopt and operate in just a few weeks
  • With immense learning capabilities, as soon as new data and pattern is added, the chatbot can make more data connections which allow it to keep learning without any supervision and continuously improve performance and user experience
  • Comprehensive Admin Panel

Comprehensive Admin Panel

  • Dashboard and analytics show complete insights of chatbot performance
  • Manage question & responses
  • Chatlog analysis with date and keyword filters
  • Maintain chatlog history
  • Retrain chatbot to optimize bot performance

Featured Use Cases

Shared Services Center

Scale and automate repeated inquiries, allowing SSC Helpdesk staff to handle more complex requests.

Real Estate

Facilitate visitor to quickly search flat and apartments in a required locality with specific attributes.

Technical Support

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by allowing customers to report problems, request a demo, or schedule an appointment.

Information Bot

Build smarter and more intuitive and engaging experiences for FAQs by converting FAQ into information chatbot.

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