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Simplify IT, empower workforce and safeguard the business.

Deploy, manage, and customize Office 365 to get most of your investment and reinvent productivity.

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Office 365 migration assessment

Assess infrastructure readiness, identify risks, and get the right solution for migration to Microsoft cloud-based productivity solution – Office 365.

Office 365 deployment and configuration

Experience a smooth deployment and configuration of Office 365 or SharePoint Online environment to suit your unique business needs.

Office 365 customization

Customize out-of-the-box solution the way you want: whether it be creating a centralized portal for collaboration or developing custom widgets & much more.

Migrate email server to exchange online

Migrate emails, calendar, tasks, and contacts from any version of Microsoft Exchange Server or any other server supporting IMAP to Office 365, and enable efficient, on-the-go communication and scheduling.

Migrate file server to SharePoint Online

Copy ‘N’ number of files and folder structures from network drives, file servers, network shares or personal folders, and move to Microsoft with custom tags and metadata.

Microsoft Office 365 training

Educate yourself and your staff on all the required skills to manage and administer Office 365 components with focused and tailored training for your environment.

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