Ideation and innovation management

Unleash the power of ideas and build an innovation culture at your workplace.

Discover the hidden treasure of creativity, imagination, and skills with crowdsourcing and gamification.
Turn your people into an innovation powerhouse.

office 365 Ideation

Get Office 365/SharePoint solutions for your specific business needs with AdVanced components.

Participate and ideate

Suggestion boxes and user-friendly forms for participation in solving your business issues and innovating new gears for business.

Vote for the best

Quick commenting, scoring and voting mechanism for the ideas in the idea pool, so you can easily come up with unique ideas.

Recognize and reward

Acknowledge the best idea and compensate the employee with reward points, badges, and awards to encourage others and increase long-term employee performance.

Approve and execute

Plan and implement the best-rated idea by employees and approved by executive committee and board members for better business outcomes.

Navigate and track

Quickly browse the ideas by votes, reviews, status, author, etc. and track the progress of every idea flowing in the organization using intuitive reports and dashboards.

Digital workplace

Advaiya AdVanced Intranet is a rapid deployable, highly flexible solution for Office 365, enabling key intranet features like Central portal, Enterprise Social, Department Sites, etc. Read more…

Enable modern ways of organizing information, documents, apps, and processes.

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