Project Portfolio Management

Do the right projects, do them right with Microsoft Project Web Access (PWA)

Gain a 360° view of all your projects with Microsoft Project Server and Project Online and keep everyone informed to accelerate work and resource management and make smart, data-driven decisions for improved project performance.

360° view of all projects’ metrics with Power BI

Project Portfolio Management is a set of business processes that support enterprises to prioritize and streamline the work it performs to its strategic goals. By gaining visibility into the business demands, your resources, and your portfolio of projects, you can better align your corporate strategy, execute them efficiently, and optimize resource allocation across all projects.

Advaiya has a team of experts who can help you decide and implement the right business processes to get the most out of your existing investment. We can help you transform the delivery of projects by quickly implementing the right Microsoft solutions. With our project management solutions, you will get complete visibility across demand, resources, and portfolio of projects, so that you can deliver higher quality services, faster.

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Download our Project Status Reporting Tool and save time with one click automated report to track percentage complete, milestones, upcoming deliverables and much more...

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QuickProject is a time reporting mobile app designed for Microsoft Project users. It helps organizations minimize Microsoft Project Server gaps and increase organization-wide user adoption. Start with the basic version for free.Read More…

Advaiya can help you get up and running fast with Project Portfolio management to give you a 360° view of all your projects with Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. Contact our experts to see if we can help.