Resource management solution

A complete picture of your team’s allocations and availability

Save time with one click automated report to track project percentage complete, milestones, upcoming deliverables and much more.

To effectively manage a portfolio of projects you need visibility into all the resources – available or not – and their costs. Only then you can balance people, technology, knowledge, time, and budget to deliver on-time and goal.

As a project manager or resource manager, you always want to prevent allocation conflicts and keep your team productive, but manual approaches cannot provide the comprehensive visibility into project resource management.

PPM resource management solutions provide real-time visibility into all the resources. You can automate the views of: the talent pool; roles and competencies; current allocations and deadlines, and more.

Project and resource managers can easily drill down into the details to identify which assignments are causing problems, who in the team is busy and who’s not, and adjust resource management plan quickly to ensure project success.

Analyze resource capacity across projects and portfolios and optimize allocations

View resource schedules, assignments, and availability in real-time

Create more productive and profitable project teams through appropriate resource planning

Analyze resource demands across projects and allocate the resources to priority projects

Assess resource allocation and re-allocation impact on the project delivery

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