Your Virtual CIO

Technology is key to your business’ future. But, as you focus on your business strategy, the intricacies of identifying, selecting, adopting and governing can be quite distracting. As you exert to acquire and retain right technology capabilities, the concerns remain:

  • Are you confident that your technology is aligned to support the future growth of your business?
  • What technologies can your business adopt to gain an edge, and how?
  • What would be the impact if your technology failed? What are the risks?

You need not just technology advice which is sensitive to your business’ unique context and strategy, but also support as you act. As your trusted partner, we bring an independent perspective to plan for technology gaps, gain cost-savings, and address implementation challenges.

Technology Approach and Leadership:

Many companies traditionally outsource the day-to-day IT or specific technology initiatives but they are devoid of connection with the business’ strategy and direction. Advaiya acts as your virtual CIO, providing expertise and guidance in implementing and managing technology based on the strategic direction of your business.

Talk to our expert consultants to understand how we can help, without you carrying the cost burden associated with this level of expertise.

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