Gone are the days when organizations used to have a standard one-way corporate communication system. With the changing business landscape, companies need more efficient and streamlined processes and systems. Many organizations are realizing that their employees encounter challenges with collaboration, communications, document management among others resulting out of the systems in use and working in silos. Some of the common problems faced are – information spread across documents at various locations and in different formats hinders content discovery and makes it difficult for remote workers to work together with their team.

Do these problems sound familiar?

If yes, you should implement an Intranet within your organization, which will not only allow your employees to engage and connect better but will also help them access, share, and work together in real-time to get their job done without any mess from almost anywhere. Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for every organization, every company has its own set of unique goals and objectives. You must assess and understand your requirements and priorities before choosing an Intranet solution for your business. Modern intranets should not just look pretty but should be engaging enough to offer some of the basic and essential features an organization needs.

Whether you are planning to implement a new intranet solution or upgrading the current one, below are some common problems that an enterprise-grade intranet solution must solve:

  • Unable to access important documents outside company boundaries

    An ideal Intranet should not limit its access within organizational boundaries; rather it should be accessible to all your employees, all the time even though they are in offices, working remotely, traveling, or at home. This will help them to be productive and up-to-date all the time.

  • Information is cluttered and spread across all documents and portals

    Ability to quickly locate the information users need to get their work done is what makes an intranet valuable. Because, an intelligent and tailored search saves a lot of time and effort, and increases the credibility of the system among users.

  • Working together on documents with co-workers is difficult

    Working on projects requires team members to collaborate in real-time. But most of the organizations find it challenging due to several reasons – documents are not stored or named correctly, this is not the latest version and so. Co-authoring documents keep the team informed about each update made by the other team members and boosts the overall productivity.

  • Dropping employee engagement

    Employees are vital assets for any organization and many, keeping their workforce engaged is easier said than done. A modern intranet solution should offer two-way information exchange which makes employees feel that they are important and help build an extraordinary workplace.

  • Struggling with business applications

    One of the good things an Intranet can provide is the integration with other business applications already running across the organization. So, employees can log in to a single portal and access other productivity tools and applications seamlessly. For example: Want to fix a machine issue? Raise a ticket right from the intranet itself.

  • Lack of fresh ideas

    Innovation is critical for every company to be successful and it comes from ideas, for which employees are the best source. But the lack of a platform to quickly participate and ideate is the reason behind disposal of many great thoughts. An intranet must offer the capability to share, rate and select innovative ideas that can give your business a new height.

  • Unappealing interface

    Customized themes for an intranet based on upcoming festivals, events or any other occasion makes it more appealing and increases the company-wide adoption rate. There can be some pre-built themes or do-it-yourself (DIY)  feature, so that companies can create themes according to their brand’s look and feel.

Intranets are becoming an integral part of organizations these days, and when you use the intranet for your business, many of the hurdles faced by workforce tend to disappear. Once you've found the right intranet solution, you will soon see the differences it will make to your organization. But, while selecting the right solution for your business, you need to be careful. Always consider and evaluate the options available in the market and choose the one which fulfils your requirements.

Posted by Advaiya

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