How one conducts herself on the first day is a good indicator of future performance and accomplishments. On the first day in any organization, a person is more likely to be seen without the lenses of the past. What she says and does would form the basis of how that person would be perceived and dealt with. Highly productive professionals make the best of this opportunity to connect and impress, and also to establish that they mean business. A successful professional knows that contexts are dynamic, adaptability is critical, and ability to work with others is paramount. And, this shows on the first day.

Is prepared:

An important trait of any productive person is that she does her homework. On the first day at the job, she would already know a lot about the company, its people, products and customers. This would be result of authentic research, and not hearsay. This enables her to ask good questions, and plan effectively. With appropriate humility, it also helps in getting embraced as part of the team.

Has a plan:

A highly productive person would never be seen to be waiting for directions. On the first day, she has a plan of activities that would ease her in the job, and accomplish certain meaningful goals. Even before the boss actually asks, she would share and discuss this plan and enlist her (the boss’) support, of course after asking and including any priorities or specific initiatives that the boss might have.

Exudes warmth and enthusiasm:

A productive professional knows that she has made the right decision and has earned her place. Hence, she is confident and excited about the work. At the same time she is not threatened and cannot wait to be working with the new team. She responds warmly to all the people around, reaches out, and thus demonstrates that she is approachable, and looks forward to success.

Is capable of tough-love:

A productive professional can be friendly but sets high standards for herself and people around her. On the first day, she is punctual and focused. She would establish certain ground rules for the team—which would mostly be intelligent extensions of the organization’s expectations—and express her intolerance to sloppiness. She would also ensure that everyone in the team knows that she would be supportive and helpful to all as they work towards organizational goals.

Is positive:

Every organization is different and not everything about it may be great. A successful professional would boldly and visibly embrace the idiosyncrasies of the organization and tackle naysayers. She successfully resists any cynicism, and looks for the strengths that can be leveraged.

Does not have all the answers:

A productive professional waits to understand the context and complexities before offering solutions. On the very first day, she does not dole out suggestions but takes time to question, absorb and learn. The best way to win people’s trust is simply by listening to them.

This article was published in TIMESJOBS.

Posted by Advaiya

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