SharePoint is the business collaboration platform that facilitates document management and sharing of content, and enables organizations to make better decisions. The platform also helps to create and host sites and web applications. These sites and applications allow to publish information for entire organization as well as for small groups to collaborate on a project.

With custom SharePoint development services, Advaiya can help you leverage SharePoint as a collaboration tool as well as an enterprise content management system.

Key benefits of SharePoint:

  • Consistent user experience: When integrated with e-mail, desktop applications and browsers, SharePoint enables a consistent user experience to seamlessly interact with content and processes.
  • Effective management: Users can build and put content for approval and schedule deployment to intranet or internet sites. Managing multilingual content becomes simplified with document library templates to maintain the relation of original edition and different translations of a document.
  • Increased productivity: SharePoint’s OOB workflow processes help teams to increase productivity by streamlining everyday business tasks.
  • SharePoint online anywhere access: With Office 365 and SharePoint Online, users are no longer tied down to a single device, or a single network, and can access e-mails, contacts, and documents from any browser on any device.

We can support you on the following SharePoint versions:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online (on Office 365)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online (on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS)
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016

SharePoint Administration Services

Our SharePoint Administrator Service includes monitoring Windows services and IIS application pools, creating folders and files and configuring their permissions, adding and removing accounts from local security groups and creating and modifying values in the Registry. SharePoint administration services can help members of any organization work more efficiently and productively.

SharePoint Administration Services includes:

  • SharePoint installation and configuration
  • Application management
  • Managing permissions and security groups
  • Analyzing and reporting on usage and activity
  • Monitor health of running services
  • Monitor services like search, timer job, taxonomy
  • System Settings

  • Farm features
  • Managing servers
  • Alternate access mappings, with authentication providers, web application policies, external resource mapping
  • E-mail and text messaging options

  • Security Management
  • Maintenance

Custom SharePoint Solution Development

Our in-depth knowledge in SharePoint provides flexible custom solutions to fulfill client’s purpose. Our architects and developers understand customer requirement and helps them manage application with ease and efficiency. Some of the many long term benefits include more employee engagement, centralized process management, and better sharing of knowledge, among others.

SharePoint Integration Services

Our expertise in working with multiple platforms helps us to allow end users to collaborate, communicate and make use of disparate information in an efficient and effective way – whether it is SharePoint ERP integration, integration with CRM, or other LOB application.

SharePoint Search Configuration and Customization

Our experts define and design the custom search solution that helps SharePoint users locate and retrieve stored enterprise content. SharePoint search generally operates in a private company network, such as intranet and document libraries. We understand the objectives of customer and provide solution accordingly.

SharePoint Workflow

We develop a role based SharePoint workflow, which is an automated flowchart that takes a lot of labor, guesswork, and randomness out of your standard work processes. We build custom business workflow according to the business requirement for better control, more efficiency, and increased accountability over your processes.

SharePoint Migration

Our more than 10 years of experience helps our customers in providing more flexible solution. As SharePoint websites are developed to store important data, it becomes quite essential that migration to the service is speedy and easy, while maintaining original content and structure of the site. Our developers help in SharePoint migration and offers multiple ways to do things in a more efficient way supporting the increasing IT demand.

SharePoint Online

We have a qualified team of Microsoft certified professionals who have thorough experience in SharePoint. We help customers to create SharePoint Online as a cloud-based service, which enables organizations to collaborate with employees, partners, and customers from anytime anywhere from any mobile device.

What SharePoint development services can bring you?

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    Gain a complete picture of your organization, throughout, with a system of integrated applications to manage and automate functions, from operations and employees to sales and products/services, with an all-in-one modern, unified, intelligent and flexible ERP solution.

    Better accessibility
    With cloud-based ERP applications, you and your employees can easily access data anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
    Upgrade or downgrade your ERP system based on your business needs. Save cost on subscriptions by paying for what is needed.
    Increased productivity
    Employees can easily access the most current information and data, and easy to use cloud-based platforms will help them get what they need to be more efficient.
    Improved reporting
    Various departments can access information seamlessly with an automated template system, thus eliminating the possibility of improper reporting.
    Intelligent Insights
    Enlighten your team with accurate business insights to plan actions towards your company growth.
    Seamless integration of ERP system with your company’s existing programs to make the best use of existing infrastructure.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

    Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) delivers a cloud-based project management application that streamlines the entire project lifecycle – from opportunity management, project planning, resource management, and team collaboration, to time and expense management, customer billing, service analytics, and integration.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

    Dynamics 365 for Field Service is a complete Field Service management solution that takes advantage of artificial intelligence, mixed reality or IoT to deliver asset and equipment management, knowledge management, work order management, resource management, product inventory, scheduling and dispatch.

    Get your work done efficiently and turn opportunities into profits

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    Gain a complete picture of your organization with a system of integrated applications

    Deploy and adopt automated, integrated, and customized applications

    Deploy and adopt automated, integrated, and customized applications and tools, to stay proactive. Gain a complete picture of your organization with a system of integrated applications and data stores.

    Connected field service

    Get auto-scheduling, management, and communication tools for your field service. Automated, integrated, and customized applications for your business to stay proactive, deliver positive onsite service experience, and enhance your field service.

    Enterprise resource planning

    Gain a complete picture of your organization, throughout, with a system of integrated applications to manage and automate functions, from operations and employees to sales and products/services, with an all-in-one modern, unified, intelligent and flexible ERP solution.

    Digital marketing and presence

    Gain impactful digital presence and engage customers better with personalization, automation, modern design and effective content. Deploy highly scalable marketing and web infrastructure, and run effective digital and social marketing.

    Project management consulting

    Identify and implement project management tools tailored to your business infrastructure and needs. Comprehensive project management facilitation with insights, planning, automation, monitoring and control.

    Cloud, Business Applications
    and Analytics Solutions

    Our services help organizations embark on purposeful digital initiatives which enhance decision making, customer experience, business productivity, and technology-led innovation ​

    Work management and business productivity

    Work management and business productivity

    Gain efficiencies with access, automation, and integration.

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    Leveraging data

    Leveraging data

    Build a data driven business with reliable, comprehensive and usable data analytics

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    Get your work done efficiently and turn opportunities into profits

    productivity solution with Microsoft 365

    Increase your productivity and create a modern workplace experience with a powerful and integrated cloud-based enterprise solution. Built for your business, incorporate Microsoft 365 at your workplace with custom applications, extensions, and add-ins/add-ons irrespective of the size and need of the organization.

    Why Microsoft 365?

    • Achieve more with a fully integrated productivity suite, customized flexible applications with extensions and add-ins/add-ons suited explicitly for your business that are ready for modern business.
    • Adopt MS 365 with cloud as a SaaS (software as a service solution) and stop worrying about infrastructure management and focus only on productivity.
    • Integrate multiple applications on the platform to support both internal and external collaborative work and real-time access to content, making the remote and office-based working effective.
    • From internal employee interaction to corporate communications, offer your people a versatile platform for internal as well as external communication.

    We ensure you get a smooth transition with an optimal set of Microsoft 365 services and applications. We cover the full scope in the entire spectrum of problems that you might face in Microsoft 365 adoption.

    Consulting and assessment

    Roadmap development




    Support, training and on-boarding assistance

    Embark on you digital transformation journey with right preparation

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    Automate workflows and empower teamwork with cloud-based content management and collaboration platform. SharePoint is the optimal tool to increase productivity in the organization by allowing employees to share and synchronize resources and work together, remotely.

    Why SharePoint and Teams?

    Enable your team to work remotely, together, and better with a highly customizable content collaboration platform. SharePoint allows your people to share and synchronize content with teams across regions without worrying about infrastructure requirements.

    Publish and Share content quickly and provide your team a central place to publish and share content, information, and files, inside as well as outside the organization. Migrate to SharePoint with customized features that fit your needs.

    Benefits of migrating to SharePoint:

    • Easier document and content management
    • Increased Collaboration
    • Seamless communication using Intranet portals
    • Automated Workflow and Forms
    • Business Intelligence and insights
    • Line of Business Integration

    The Advaiya advantage

    Exploit SharePoint capabilities with our SharePoint team for maximum benefit to your organization. Our competencies in SharePoint:

    • Business Analysis and consulting
    • Best practices
    • Business Process and workflow management
    • Business intelligence dashboards
    • Project Management
    • Migration and Configuration
    • Customization and integration with enterprise software
    • Support, training, and maintenance

    Embark on you digital transformation journey with right preparation

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    Migrate SharePoint List Items to Project Online

    How to Migrate SharePoint List Items to Project Online

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    Any organization can leverage email to easily organize and manage documents and information in SharePoint. Rule-based automatic monitoring of designated mailboxes can be used to extract and filter information, enable attachment categorization, set up library management and more.

    Solution Need

    The vast majority of data and documents in most organizations is generated via email, but consolidating and processing email in a structured and effective way can present quite a challenge. Most email systems treat all content equally, making it difficult to act on it, or even organize or manage according to its content. Organizations today recognize that better management of email communication based on its context is a crucial requirement for business. SharePoint is a best-in-class tool for enterprise records and collaboration management solutions. Managing, organizing and processing emails and attachments in SharePoint ensures that the email and its content become structured and can easily be organized, managed, tracked, and located.

    Our Solution

    Our IESS app helps you unify these two powerful worlds in a single solution. We can provide an effective email content management solution on SharePoint that supports classifications of emails and preserves critical emails and attachments in SharePoint, based on defined filters such as “Sent," “Received," “Subject," “Date", “Email Body" and more.

    Our app automatically captures and categorizes emails and attachments to SharePoint libraries based on the customized and defined dictionary and rule book. Each time a new email is received, the app uses the rule engine to route the email or content to the correct library, which can be located in a different site collection. This app, by design, captures and records all the properties of emails and attachments to SharePoint content types and lists.

    Intelligent Email Sorter Demo Video

    Solution Benefits

    Advaiya’s IESS app offers several advantages for managing emails and attachments in SharePoint.

    • Remove manual effort in email categorization and filtering, with no need to perform manual actions such as drag-and-drop to move or copy emails and attachments. This streamlines user processes and improves productivity.
    • Automatically capture designated email properties and store them in SharePoint lists without user intervention, and use advanced metadata capabilities for improved search and e-discovery.
    • Emergency email option for IESS mail reading service failure alerts
    • Provision to add multiple keywords under condition and exception tabs for any IESS rules
    • Convert contextual information in email to relevant SharePoint objects like task lists, blog posts, and more for improved collaboration and decision making.
    • Structure and automate processing of email attachments based on defined and classified content types and templates.
    • Automatically trigger workflows on email and attachments based on rules and SharePoint document library settings.
    • Automate organization rules, implement different classification schemes, and minimize burdens on IT.
    • An option to rename the attachment files before uploading it into the selected Library, if document name already exist
    • Enhance collaboration between members of a team or department who share email as part of a project.

    Sample Use Cases for Email Sorter

    • Create a resume library for HR based on positions or openings defined in email subject lines.
    • Build a proposal library based on an email filtering rule such as department and subject.
    • Extract sales report information and automatically update your dashboard based on defined document properties and metadata.
    • Convert an email related to any particular corporate initiative to a SharePoint task list.
    • Extract email content into corporate announcements, discussions, wikis, or blogs.
    • Set up email-driven task creation and management based on a SharePoint task list.

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