Managing purchase requests can be complex and time consuming and lead to costly errors. Purchase requests need to be validated, authorized, and standardized for effective procurement.

Purchase Requisition App for Dynamics 365 Business Central, offers a practical solution that helps you streamline your procure-to-pay process. This app allows your procurement team to seamlessly collect purchase requests, run approval workflows, validate and standardize, apply budgetary and inventory checks, manage negotiations better, and speed up purchases.

Powered by Advaiya’s unique peripheral automation approach, this app accelerates effective adoption and value realization of your investments in core ERP application. This enables your unique processes and strategic differentiation while retaining the robustness, availability, and strength of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Addressing the challenges faced during procurement

Enhanced data accuracy

Accurate data capture through standardized formats eliminates errors. Ensures correct orders, reduces approval discrepancies, and expedites deliveries.

Improved transparency

Streamlined processes centralize purchase request information, simplifying tracking. Enhances transparency by eliminating scattered data in emails and spreadsheets.

Efficient approvals

Streamlined approval procedures minimize bottlenecks and delays. Improves the timeliness of procurement by involving fewer stakeholders.

Real-time visibility

Gain real-time visibility into expenditure and budgetary details. Facilitates effective resource management by eliminating the limitations of traditional manual processes.

Simplified compliance

A streamlined process makes achieving compliance with procurement policies and regulations easier. Reduces the complexity of adhering to policies in procurement activities

Procure-to-pay processes can be significantly streamlined with Purchase Acquisition App, resulting in time savings and improved efficiency.