Business intelligence vs. business analytics: Where BI Matches into your Corporate strategy

Traditionally, enterprises have targeted their information around business intelligence, but the rise of predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, is changing the equation. In the last few decades,...

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5 ways to turn business intelligence into business growth

We’re in a digital transformation era where data is more valuable than ever. Organizations would have the capacity to have an aggressive edge if they genuinely comprehend the intensity...

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Enterprise-level innovation is democratized and available for SMB

Trends relating to cloud, mobility and data driven collaboration mean that SMBs can be every bit as sophisticated and cutting edge as large enterprises.

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Changes in Power BI licensing

Microsoft has unveiled a new licensing option for Power BI with changes in user licensing flexibility. Learn about those changes and their implications...

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How to use columns from two different tables in Power BI

Ever came across a scenario where you need to perform some action or calculation on columns from two different tables? Were you able to do...

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Top 5 Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Trends

The ever changing business needs, fast-moving technologies, innovative techniques - self-service business intelligence (BI), mobility and predictive analytics, have taken the world of business analytics...

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The evolving scope of Business Intelligence

In the current market, every organization is facing stiff competition, demand for operational efficiency and business productivity. Organizations are becoming innovative in their approach to...

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