Enterprise-level innovation is democratized and available for SMB

Trends relating to cloud, mobility and data driven collaboration mean that SMBs can be every bit as sophisticated and cutting edge as large enterprises.

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Spending too much time troubleshooting IT issues?

How many calls or requests in a week do you think the help desk receives related to infrastructure? How long do you think the help desk spend working on...

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Facing unplanned downtime and reduced productivity?

Despite developments in infrastructure robustness, organizations still face software, hardware, network, and database downtime, ranging from short periods to closing the business for days. Unplanned downtime has been impacting...

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10 reasons to move your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the core of Microsoft’s Cloud offering, and it’s getting more and better received each year. In the final quarter of 2016 alone, Microsoft has reported a...

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Cloud Security: Things you need to know

More and more organizations are embracing cloud for their own advantages such as cost effectiveness, easy setup, easy accessibility, scalability, unlimited storage, backup and recovery,...

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Five must-haves to evaluate cloud backup & disaster recovery providers

With the increasing amount of data processing and a wide variety of application usage, data protection has become a critical component in the...

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Designing a business solution considering the cloud and mobile devices


The role of IT is not just limited to keeping the lights on....

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