How to embed a Power BI report into an application for your customers

Power BI Embedded in Azure provides us with the ability to embed reports, dashboards or tiles into an application by using app owns data. App owns data typically means...

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Changes in Power BI licensing

Microsoft has unveiled a new licensing option for Power BI with changes in user licensing flexibility. Learn about those changes and their implications...

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Are you unable to make data-driven decisions?

Regardless the industry and the size of your company, when it comes to making strategic decisions, we often rely on gut feeling, ad-hoc reports or other traditional approaches. A...

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How to Use Power BI Mobile Apps to View and Interact with Reports and Dashboards

Power BI makes your data travel along with you and stays connected to your data from anywhere, anytime with the Power BI app for Windows,...

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Get the most out of MS Project Online with rich Power BI

Power BI - MS Project

“Our biggest issue is extracting value from our data to make informed decisions.” This is what...

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Get insights faster with Power BI

My Masters’ of Science thesis in Transportation Engineering was on a dynamic traffic assignment problem - figuring out the best routes for drivers with given...

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How to use columns from two different tables in Power BI

Ever came across a scenario where you need to perform some action or calculation on columns from two different tables? Were you able to do...

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Visualizing project data with the right BI Tool

While exploring the wilds of North America, Daniel Boone is said to have quipped, “I’ve never been lost, but I...

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Create calculated measures in Power BI desktop

Power BI Desktop gives you the right way to deal with your data in just a few clicks. However, the data does not contain everything...

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Produce insightful and interactive reports with Power BI for Project Server

Pictures are worth a 1000 words. This hold true whether you are giving directions to your favorite pub or presenting the status of your projects...

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