How to export an out of the box (OOTB) list view web part in SharePoint

SharePoint List view web part is the most often used out of the box web part in any SharePoint application. This blog post talks about the solution to export...

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Create Site Collection with custom template using Power Shell Script on SharePoint Online - Part 1

While working on SharePoint 2013 (on-premise), one can easily move our development to another environment, which is not the case in SharePoint online. To combat this, here is a...

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5 tips for a successful Office 365 intranet

O365 is a powerful tool for collaboration and improving employee productivity.  O365 with SharePoint provide modern ways to communicate and organize information and documents. Have you been able to...

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Handling Managed Metadata Using SharePoint List Workflow

Recently we did a couple of Project Server/Online Implementation based projects which included customizations like Demand Management Workflow, Document Approval workflow, Issue or Risk...

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How to migrate SharePoint server 2013 to SharePoint server 2016

SharePoint Upgrade

SharePoint 2016 has come with many enhancements, encouraging organizations to migrate to this latest version. This post will take...

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Creating a customized HTML template with SharePoint page layout

In SharePoint there is a concept of creating pages using page layout. We can provide a template using page layout...

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SharePoint 2016 and Project Server 2016 installation: For small production environment using single server farm

In a traditional farm topology SharePoint, the common architecture in small and medium-sized environments is the two-tier design. This design utilizes two servers: one for the web front-end and...

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SharePoint List Workflow: Create or update list item on another SharePoint site list

Recently, in one of my projects there was a requirement to create a SharePoint list workflow that triggers when an item is created, and that...

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Content management of multilingual websites in SharePoint 2013

We know that content management system (CMS) is an application to manage the content - adding, editing, deleting, modifying, organizing, maintaining, and publishing the content...

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SharePoint 2016 migration checklist

In a previous blog post I discussed new and improved SharePoint 2016 features, migration paths, and hardware/software requirements, when preparing for...

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Preparing for a SharePoint 2016 migration

As SharePoint server 2016 is released, SharePoint migration has become a hot topic for many organizations. SharePoint server 2016 has come with many...

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Create custom list template in SharePoint 2007

A SharePoint 2007 list template can be easily developed to reuse it across an organization. In lieu of recreating the list every time you want...

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SharePoint 2016 - new, improved and deprecated features

Unlike the early days of the Web, today, content management system (CMS) is a combination of multiple tightly-integrated systems. CMSs are evolving everyday with new...

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Solution to save multiple tags and hyperlink with description together to SharePoint list

In SharePoint you can save and get the information from list easily using AJAX call, CSOM and JavaScript. While saving multiple tags to the column...

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Automatically organize and route email documents in SharePoint with IESS

Business documents often originate in the form of email attachments from different sources and need to be stored quickly and accurately at dedicated destinations, to...

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Implementation of SharePoint site column ordering

SharePoint has column ordering feature to set position of columns in list. Using that we can position columns as required – first, second, and so...

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Structure, organize and manage information from Email to SharePoint with IESS

Email is de-facto the standard tool where information, and documents get generated and transferred. While originating as an email, these information and documents need to...

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Assess SharePoint 2007 (or MOSS) for Migration – Part II

In part one of this article we talked about why organizations are looking to move from SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Online, key aspects to...

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Assess SharePoint 2007 (or MOSS) for Migration – Part I

As part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint Online is available as Software-as-Service (SaaS) and helps organizations to reduce their Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and their...

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