The Hard Truth About Social Media and What You Need to Do About It

Today social media accounts validate our existence, our relationships, our friendships, our achievements, our promotions, our business trips, our vacations, our lifestyle and everything...

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Social media marketing trends 2016

The same laws of attraction never remain for too long in the social media marketing landscape. And while we all expect new trends and updates,...

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How to amplify your social media content strategy?

Content strategy is about planning, creation, delivery and governance of content.

Social media is similar to traditional mouth-publicity. It increases the reliability and credibility of a...

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How can SMEs gain from Social Media – Part II

In the previous blog of this series, we looked at how customers are increasingly changing the way (searching online) they look for information about...

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How can SMEs gain from social media

People are increasingly being empowered by technology and information that are easily accessible to them today. Customers, both geographically dispersed or...

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Social media marketing tools and techniques - Part 1 | Advaiya

In a Building Presence Voicing Thoughts session at Advaiya, a few days back, I talked about social media marketing (SMM), covering its importance and...

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