Technology Marketing as a Service – TMaaS

The technology landscape is witnessing light-speed changes, a convergence of B2B and B2C, a second advent of audience marketing, changes in decision making, and products and services on a sometimes daily release cycle. It is imperative to keep pace with these dynamic contexts and to make technology of real use by communicating its true value in a simple, effective, and agile manner. Our solution for this is TMaaS (Technology Marketing as a Service).

What is TMaaS?

TMaaS is a compact bundle of relevant services to power your technology marketing functions and optimize marketing processes. Technology Marketing as a Service refers to the creation of a scalable, elastic engine that incorporates the complexities of technology with the nuances of marketing and allows any aspect of the technology lifecycle to be communicated in a way that corresponds with the intended audiences’ needs.

How TMaaS can help you

It is critical to continuously and consistently position evolved technology products and services to the right customers at right time.

You can leverage Advaiya TMaaS for all aspects of your technology business and marketing, including planning, content development, execution of marketing programs, automation of your marketing campaigns, and governance of your marketing initiatives. Advaiya TMaaS helps you plan and execute your marketing programs based upon key considerations such as activity focus, target audience, message, medium, artifacts and key performance indicators.

How TMaaS works

We have the ability to combine the complexities of technology with the nuances of marketing to help you communicate with audiences in an effective manner and help realize the value of technology.

Advaiya TMaaS can be plugged into various facets of your business on an ongoing basis and appropriately tuned to various contexts to ensure proper enablement and execution of marketing programs. With TMaaS you can build the ability to ingest technology contexts in marketing initiatives, and leverage the right skills and program management for desired outcomes. Advaiya TMaaS gives you:

  • Agile positioning support
  • Content development and marketing execution
  • Support for marketing scenarios (launch, GTM, handling competition and more)
  • Sales and Eco-system Enablement
  • Marketing program management and governance (planning, execution, analysis, reporting and KPIs)
  • Technical audience marketing

Opportunity for you

Our TMaaS engine helps you meet your goals by supercharging your technology marketing functions and optimizing marketing processes.

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