Around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated daily, and organizations struggle to aggregate and manage this data.

Integrate, transform and improve data to optimize business processes and accelerate performance.

Source: IBM

Assessment workshops

In-depth assessment of existing infrastructure

Bridge the gap between your business imperatives and technology by providing a phased approach focusing on low hanging fruits in initial phases and improved business insights and intelligence at later stages.

Project Portfolio Management

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project





Shift to a proactive technology approach
The roadmap helps management to take up proactive improvements in technology so that technology is aligned to fulfill your future business needs.
Be risk aware
With technology roadmap, your organization can be well aware of the internal and external barriers that may prevent from achieving goals. The company can take steps well in advance to address the risks.
Remain competitive
Stay ahead of your competitors by adopting the latest technologies for better communication, operations, and productivity.
Expand your business
Enable your business adopt technologies that help you scale, be flexible with business models and exploit more opportunities.

Benefits of assessment

Find your strengths and tackle your weakness
Identify the strength of your technology infrastructure and determine the places you lag and need improvement

Improves return on investment (ROI)
The workshop determines the effectiveness of existing solutions and suggests plan for key initiatives and implementation. This improves the ROI in new technologies, architectures and applications.

Ensure software compliance
Lists down software systems that are no longer useful for the company and needs to be discarded. This assessment also eliminates the case of software overlap.

Alignment of business goals and technology
Understanding the nature and goals of the business and offer recommendations that support

Methodology of assessment

Discovery : An in-depth understanding of existing infrastructure,
information needs discovery and discussions with all the stakeholders

Assessment: We employ experts and industry know assessment tools for
analysis and data collection.

Analysis: Review the information collected and understand where the existing
environment stands with respect to industry best practices.

Report: Discuss the report, possible recommendations and introduction of key
initiatives and implementation plan

Technology roadmap development, key aspects

Identifying technologies

Identifying the technology initiatives that help achieve your company’s strategic objectives.

Plan for the future

Plan for the implementation of the technology that is flexible and scalable enough to accommodate your company’s long term objectives.

Set priorities

Defining the existing inefficiencies and gaps, identifying the capabilities needed to support your processes and preparing a prioritized checklist of future steps.

Cost calculation

Realistic cost estimation of each initiative in the roadmap considering the new infrastructure cost, licensing fees, maintenance, and support cost.

Case Studies/ Testimonial as a Trust factor

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Data visualization and reporting

Enable data-driven decision making with rich and interactive data visualizations

Source: KPMG

With custom data visualizations, you can present massive information into easy-to-understand visuals and gain insights that can be consumed and shared without trouble.

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