Project management is very much at the heart of every organization. Roughly 1/3rd of organizations never or sometimes deliver projects on time, to budget and defined benefits. The next question is therefore key; what are the largest challenges your organization faces when it comes to project, programme & portfolio management? We have listed down the biggest project management challenges and how a PMO can tackle them.

1.Lack of project prioritization

Can you easily prioritize projects? A project manager can use a PPM software to prioritize projects and break down larger projects into tasks for easy delegation, assignment, and organization. These programs can be especially valuable for creating project scorecard, define project scope, manage workload, estimate time, map out costs and create custom reports for various projects.

You should also aim to simplify best practices across all your projects with process templates based on your methodologies. Standard and custom process templates can cut the time and effort needed for projects that your team runs. Look for project management packs/solutions that can help you simplify project processes.

2.Project Collaboration & Workflow Management

Project documents, communication is shared in order to enable more effective team collaboration. It creates a work space for project teams & other required stakeholders to interact, monitor & manage the different project stages. It typically includes: Document management, work flow management, notifications, e-mails, and meetings.

Standard intake and easy sharing of requests can cut time and effort. You can automate project processes with built in workflows with the help of AdValue.

3.Project reporting

Is project reporting a pain? Do you ever realize how much time do you spend each month collating project status information? 47% of the people spend 1 day or more collating project reports each month.

Project reporting is often the most time-consuming part of a manager’s work life. Collating, making a report and keeping track of numbers are processes essential to getting things done in a progressive manner. Click to publish status reports can sharpen project visibility substantially and cut time and effort to produce reports. Once this is automated, a manager can concentrate on other important responsibilities.

Can you quickly find and see the status of all your projects?  Data-driven dashboards can give you visibility into all the projects your team runs. Everyone on the project will gain deep project portfolio insights with dashboards for executives, PMO’s and team members

Posted by Advaiya

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