Every organization faces a plethora of HR challenges that restrict them from fully achieving their goals: from recruiting the right talent to training them, retaining them, and improving their productivity level. Technology is poised to transform and redefine the future of the human resource department. From moving to the cloud to the rise of mobile and analytics, we’ve been following this evolution for quite some time, and successful businesses are continually optimizing their business processes to keep their companies at the forefront of innovation.

This year seems to be a year of accelerated transformative developments and technological advancements for the HR industry. So, let’s look at five technology trends that will dominate the human resources industry in 2019.

From a legacy HR system to Cloud-based solution

Cloud-computing and its different applications have been a hot topic for organizations of any size. The use of cloud-based applications in HR has increased over the past few years because more and more organizations are realizing its benefits and are making the transition. In the past, HR departments have relied on legacy systems to complete their operations but these days, many HR executives are expressing interest in cloud-based systems to scout high-quality talent, boost productivity, increase worker engagement and save time. Platforms like Dynamics 365 Talent, Zoho People, Workday HCM, BambooHR and many more can play a significant role in the cloud-based transition.

Mobile-enabled HR operations

Mobile apps are becoming the catalyst for HR management. HR departments are constantly looking for the best ways to communicate and collaborate with their staff especially in work environments where regular access to a desktop or laptop is not feasible. Organizations are on their way to adopt mobile applications that are bringing many HR functions like workforce planning, recruitment, onboarding, learning, accomplishment tracking and much more together into one single solution.

People Analytics is a must-have

It’s a well-known fact that data is a must for all facets of businesses today and, HR departments own more data than ever before. HR departments often struggle to turn their data into actionable insights, and using right softwares for talent can unify hiring and analytics. In particular, people analytics, also known as HR analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics, is a must to gain valuable insights to

make better and faster decisions about all aspects of HR strategy including capability analysis, employee performance assessment, recruitment, churn analysis, etc.

Automation – A game changer for the HR department

Automation is invading the HR industry because, for HR professionals, onboarding new employees and routing requests through several people for approval is an important but time-consuming task — every time the same set of activities need to be performed which leads to a reduction in the productivity. Automating repetitive manual tasks and business processes like employee onboarding, tracking timesheets, calculating and approving leaves, tracking and managing expenses, etc. if done right, HR automation can help drive bottom line growth in many ways including saved time and increased efficiency, improved employee experience, cost optimization, and much more.

Leveraging social media for recruitment

Social recruiting means more than just posting job ads for vacant positions on social media platforms. Social media channels can be used to find, engage, select, and hire new talent – specifically LinkedIn – to hunt for potential candidates proactively. A human resource management system with native social networks integration help recruiters quickly find the talented people, deliver more engaging candidate experiences, simplify candidate evaluation, and streamline collaborative experiences among candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for talent is one good platform to smoothen the technological transformation for HR. This platform offers features which help in a collaborative hiring process, personalized onboarding experiences and creating a connected employee experience. Dynamics 365 for talent is an employee-centric solution that takes common HR function and brings them together in a meaningful way for managers, HR staff and employees.

What do you think of these trends? Let’s discuss how these trends can be applied to your organization and make your life easier! Our #Dynamics365 and HR experts can help you decide the right platform and help you integrate your HR processes.

Posted by Advaiya

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