Is an outgrown ERP hindering your business performance and growth?

Whether you are a small business owner or running a large business, there would always be multiple activities going on every time. It is difficult to handle many things at once and be productive and efficient. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to have an integrated business management software that provides all the needed features to drive your business and focus on your mission.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software typically brings together the key facets of a business. Thus, it covers sales, finance, accounting, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, and other services in a single system.

Your ERP system or other business applications manage business processes and streamline business operations. But, when they falter, so do your overall business productivity, performance, and efficiency. So, how would you know that you have outgrown your existing business management system?

If your organization exhibits any of these signs, then, possibly, your ERP system and business needs are misaligned, and it’s time to act:

These are major signs that you may have outgrown your existing business management approach. As you check the symptoms mentioned above, if you realize that your current system is hindering your business performance and growth, then it’s time to move on.

There are many cloud-based businesses management solutions available that are unified, secure, and scalable enough to support your growing business needs. They provide enhanced business intelligence, instant insights, in-depth analytics, and cloud computing throughout all major aspects of your business, at an affordable price. In a nutshell, a cloud-based ERP can generate better returns, reduce cost, increase flexibility and security.

Recently, for one of our clients who is a leading LED Retrofitter, we conducted a discovery workshop with their functional and technical teams. We documented their current business processes, uncovered challenges in day-to-day operations, analyzed organizational goals and objectives and performed an overall fit-gap analysis. During this workshop, we identified that their existing processes to manage inventory, create purchase orders, and sales invoices were cumbersome, and they were using multiple excel spreadsheets with a lot of formulas and calculations.

Our business application experts took the findings and designed a blueprint for the future state, presented them the potential impacts of a new integrated ERP, identified possible alternatives, and recommended the solution.

Based on our analysis and recommendations, our client’s leadership team concluded that Dynamics 365 Business Central would be the best fit for their current and future requirements. The client team and the implementation team from Advaiya decided to take a phased approach in implementing Dynamics 365-based supply-chain management system. The first phase has broadly included the demand planning, inventory management, purchasing control, procurement, vendor management, sales invoicing, and other supply chain management areas while the subsequent phases involved data migration, integration with other line-of-business applications, training, and broader user adoption.

The integrated cloud-based solution has helped them maintain productive vendor relationships, optimize the supply chain process to get the right goods to the right customer at the right time, improve the organizational efficiency and get better and deeper insights into business processes to track and measure performance.

We are also helping businesses like yours in managing other business areas ranging from sales and service management, financial management, project management, field service (operations) management, to advanced reporting and analytics.

If you are interested in upgrading your business management solution, we’re there to help you in the journey of deciding on the right solutions, its implementation, adoption, customization, and integration to support your unique business challenges.

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