The first “intranet” was Yammer, which was just a place to share social updates with co-workers. Today organizations need an advanced platform they could customize that would allow them to share and organize files, too.

Enterprises today battle with four common complaints with a traditional intranet:

“I don’t know where to post.”

“I don’t know how to post.”

“I can’t find what I need.”

“I can’t access what I need.”

Also, it became apparent that a platform designed for desktop users who work in an office setting simply would not work for a mobile workforce.

Organizations today employ associates across the globe, most of whom go online via their smartphones. We cannot expect our associates to wait until they could get to a computer to read important company news or file in their expenses. Simply put, the traditional platform is failing to give them the information they needed when and where they needed it.

For a workplace intranet to be embraced quickly by your associates, a few key factors that enterprises should keep in mind when assessing intranet platforms:

  1. Leverage current investments. Choose a solution that can leverage your existing IT investments and can facilitate seamless integration with your current business enterprise.
  2. Customizability and ability to extend/alter easily. Your modern intranet set up should be adaptable to be tailored, modified and reconfigured to suit your organizational needs.
  3. Should not require dedicated content managers. It should be backed up with meta data driven technology to fetch information and surface it in an intuitive and contextual manner.
  4. Provide localization and personalization. Don’t underestimate the cost and time associated with searching for relevant information & news by the workforce. The platform you select should quickly display information & news based on location, job role, time of the day without having to search for it.

We are excited about the change modern intranet can bring to your workplace and this brought us to creating AdVanced – Modern Intranet for O365.

AdVanced allows you to quickly build a modern intranet for your organization. It brings together a contemporary and personalized “Home page @ work” for your team, allowing easy access to relevant information, documents, applications and people. Powerful configuration options enable the solution to fit your unique contexts. AdVanced comes with a bundle of widgets facilitating conversations, discovery and awareness powering all information activities that your team performs.

The benefits:

1.            Drive Employee Engagement

a.            Employee recognition, Feedback and participation, Corporate communications, Interest based content, modern workspace

2.            Connect, coordinate and innovate

a.            Connect to right people, organize events and initiatives, ease processes for support, PTO, expense submission and more

3.            Surface Right and Relevant Information

a.            Personalized content, Easy access to document libraries, Add dashboards and data widgets

To experience AdVanced on a live instance. Register here

Posted by Advaiya

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