Making Technology Work

Technology is a great enabler of productivity, creativity, and effectiveness, but only if it is fully adopted. We work hard to understand our customers’ needs and pains to provide working solutions that maximize ROI and business impact. Making technology work for them.

With sensitivity to their current state, we implement and help adopt technology solutions which allow businesses to mature—harnessing the power of technology. Our clients gain increased productivity, smoother work management and better decisions with our products and services. Our solutions, with power of cloud, make available enterprise level innovation and tech enablement, allowing growth minded companies use right technologies quickly.

True to the name, Advaiya (“non-dual” in Sanskrit) is about oneness in apparent dichotomies, ending the dualities and divisions which restrain the technology’s potential. We consciously attempt to see beyond the divisions — different technologies, various applications, many business processes and, ultimately, the division of technology and business — to uncover the underlying oneness. We work to end the duality of business and technology, the duality in marketing and implementation, the duality of on-shore and off-shore, and so on.


Our philosophy

  • Making Technology Work is our mantra. Whether it is marketing the technology, or implementing technology for business productivity, our focus is on making technology work. We understand that this would need technology to be built, implemented, communicated and adopted well.
  • Our work provides us opportunity to influence, create and learn — which are the drivers for our happiness. So, emerge two distinctive aspects: We ideate, suggest, consult, define and argue, we are comfortable with the initial vagueness of any project, and we also enjoy the emergence of order; at the same time, we venture into the new — technologies, functions, approaches and verticals — and explore and create new stuff, through the inherent frustrations, and the pains of creation!
  • We are driven by a fascination with the enormous potential of technology. We believe that the intelligent and purposeful application and adoption of technology can transform businesses and individuals.
  • Our passion takes the form of creating and communicating the value of technology through means that are at the forefront of technology and business innovation.
  • We know that all businesses today are tech businesses. The dichotomy between business and technology is false — as we realize when we embark on digital transformation, which has REAL, MEASURABLE and PROFOUND impacts on business and its stakeholders. We love that our work products have been used globally and have impacted people and businesses in a significant and positive manner.

Our Purpose: Making Technology Work


  • To be leading (well-known and respected) enabler for value realization of technology for progressive and growing businesses.
  • Be highly coveted provider for tech services in our chosen fields of business applications and analytics, and employer for talented tech and business professionals


Help businesses gain advantage by enabling digital workplace—through identifying, architecting, implementing, integrating and ensuring adoption of relevant technology solutions and innovations.

Why Advaiya

making technology work

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Advaiya team

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Making Technology work


The heart of Advaiya is, has been, and will always be, the passion of many talented people. Meet some of those who have led thoughts and driven initiatives.

Business consulting and marketing

Our consultants focus on business process understanding, digital transformation, and building efficient systems. Out marketing expertise include positioning, audience targeting, and communication across media types.

User Experience and creative

We have expertise in designing and building solutions with modern cloud and other technologies including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft project Server, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamic, Power BI, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Android, iOS, Sitecore and more.

Technology Architecture, and Implementation

Our user experience expertise help with intuitive interface designs for faster adoption across devices, technologies and use cases. Our creative team powers all aspects of design, editing, and communications functions.