Where do agile best practices fit into MS Project Technologies

I had the fortune of working for a start up about 12 years ago. They started implementing an agile methodology. The engineering manager had started using an Excel spreadsheet...

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Locally add the Add-In task pane in Word from SharePoint

Adding the Office Add-in in the Word document from the SharePoint document library is quite easy. The task pane is added in the Word document on the right and...

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How to Migrate SharePoint List Items to Project Online

Recently we did a Project Online/SharePoint Online Implementation based projects which included AdValue (Project Portfolio Management Package) implementation along with the migration of list items from SharePoint 2010 to Microsoft...

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How to get the missing Project Server 2016 user views from PWA database

Installing SharePoint updates in Project Server 2016 environment sometimes lead to missing Project Server user views in content database.

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Delivering Agile Projects using MS Project Server/Project Online

Agile is a methodology that encourages continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle.Agile methodology is now getting popular for project management, and recently Microsoft has...

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Innovators guide to what changes and what doesn’t

As business leaders seek to implement new business models, build new products, or bring in new ways of working to their organizations, there is always an element of, to...

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Scrum vs Kanban: What’s the difference?

No framework is perfect, and each has its own benefits and flaws. Project managers should focus on the aspects of Scrum and Kanban, which can be used effectively to...

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Reports & Dashboards for Agile Projects

Implementing Projects in an ‘Agile’ way is common norm and best practice these days. Agile project management allows Project Managers to keep track of the project deliverables and provide...

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How to ensure effective demand management with Project Online

Within an organization, project requests can originate from anywhere. The absence of demand management process makes it chaotic and difficult to figure out as to what is being worked...

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AdValue is now available with new and enhanced features

We are very excited to present some of the new features that are now part of AdValue – one of the most powerful project management solutions. In the last...

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Leveraging automated workflow to streamline project processes

Effective project management is the key towards successful project execution within any organization. There are several important aspects of a successful project management within an organization and one of...

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10 most popular technology blog posts

In 2017, big topics reigned in the world of cloud and analytics. Whether the subject was integrating Power BI reports with Project Server, or determining how to make the...

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Joining hands for a better world

Since inception, we have been on a journey to deliver sustainable and responsible growth, which creates value for all our stakeholders. On this New Year, we are joining hands...

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Governance Considerations for Not-so-large Organizations

Technology is a key investment in most businesses—including startups, and small or mid-sized companies. Whether it is product development or operations—technology decisions are fundamental to the business model. Regardless, IT Governance takes a back seat...

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Microsoft Teams and Project Online Integration using Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a cloud based workflow service that enables automation of common tasks and business processes across the most common apps and services.

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Cloud is Good

Cloud is good! Shared computing services—whether applications or platforms—available over internet have granted unprecedented access to technology sophistication to small and medium sized businesses.

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Key to establishing Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) in your organization

In recent years, establishing Project Portfolio Management has become a key preference for most of the organizations. There can be seen a huge change in the way organizations are...

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How to create resource availability report on Microsoft Project Online

One of the most important aspects of a resource manager / project manager is to monitor the assignments for each of their resources so that they can effectively balance...

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WCF Service on Top Of SharePoint 2016

In this post, I’m going to discuss about WCF service and how WCF service can be developed on top of SharePoint. WCF service works as an individual component that...

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Powerful Decision Making with BI

Being in business is being in the business of decision making. Right decisions, made at the right time, and implemented in the right manner—make all the difference

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