Quantarium’s REAL AI for REAL Estate

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Project Server based customization deployment troubleshooting

While deploying the project server from one environment to another, we face lots of environment-related problems. This blog discusses the issues faced while migrating the environment and the method...

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Business Intelligence trends to watch for in 2019

Business Intelligence is set to become even more thrilling as Artificial Intelligence will continue to be the toast for tech professionals all over the globe. Companies will no longer...

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5 emerging field service trends to look for in 2019

2018 was an incredibly exciting year for the technology industry which has seen multiple initiatives and achievements. But until now, we have spoken theoretically about the real and useful...

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The comprehensive help desk application you were looking for

One of the most significant problems faced by companies, IT departments, production plants, and facility management departments is lodging of complaints in their daily operational activities. Are you looking...

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Sitecore 9 installation on a local development environment

From the time Sitecore 9 was released, there has been a lot of talk about the method of installation. Installing Sitecore 9 is difficult when compared to installing the...

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5 customer experiences that can be enhanced with Chatbots

What was the last time you had a chat with a customer service agent where you might be complaining about a product you had received? There is a possibility...

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Contributing in a small way

Continuing on our tradition, this year as well we are committing to contribute to causes which we (and, we believe, our stakeholders) care deeply about. We recognize that the...

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How to embed a Power BI report into an application for your customers

Power BI Embedded in Azure provides us with the ability to embed reports, dashboards or tiles into an application by using app owns data. App owns data typically means...

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Project Service, the next generation of Microsoft Project

Microsoft has recently announced a new era of modern work management. The Project Service – the next generation of Microsoft Project, offers better collaboration, improved extensibility and greater integration...

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How to update project tasks using project server workflow

Recently we did a couple of Project Server/Online Implementation based projects which involved customization’s like Demand Management Workflow, Document Approval workflow, Issue or Risk Escalation workflow and much more....

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The Customer Approach: Data for Decisions Not Data for Itself

Data, Data, Data.  It’s hard to hear about anything else.  When concepts take flight in the business of technology, they soar to amazing heights.  This is a great thing...

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Project management goal: Manage resources

Today, companies are under increasing pressure to deliver technologically innovative products and solutions with decreased budgets. Because of this, resources must be fully utilized and concentrated on the highest...

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Getting started with Microsoft Flows

Introduction In recent years, we have seen that technology is growing perpetually and flourishing at a rapid rate. It would not be erroneous in saying that technology has made...

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Business intelligence vs. business analytics: Where BI Matches into your Corporate strategy

Traditionally, enterprises have targeted their information around business intelligence, but the rise of predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, is changing the equation. In the last few decades,...

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4 Things About BI Reporting Your Boss Wants to Know

BI reporting is referred to the process of providing information or reports to end -users through a BI solution. Business Intelligence Reporting can give any organization complete control over...

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How to convert FAQ into a Bot using Azure Bot Service

In my last article “Build FAQ Knowledge Base with QnA Maker”, I have explained steps to create knowledge base from existing FAQ pages using QnA Maker service. In this...

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Agile Connector wins two Project Portfolio Management Software Awards from FinancesOnline

Advaiya’s Agile Connector recently underwent the scrutiny of trusted B2B directory FinancesOnline.com and emerged with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and an absolute user satisfaction rating of...

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5 ways to turn business intelligence into business growth

We’re in a digital transformation era where data is more valuable than ever. Organizations would have the capacity to have an aggressive edge if they genuinely comprehend the intensity...

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Measure Your Project Performance – What & How

Measuring performance of any activity or task is essentially done to identify whether it is adding any value to your goal or not.  This can be better understood by...

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