The days of tracking customers and prospects with Rolodex’s, spreadsheets and chalkboards are long gone. Smart businesses know how to leverage technology to accomplish their goals more effectively. When used in this way, you can refer to it as ‘force multiplier’. So, what is a force multiplier? Ultimately, it’s anything that allows a company to achieve more in less time and a lot less work. If you are still using a sales and lead tracking spreadsheet, then you need a new force multiplier. If you want to know more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be that multiplier from marketing to sales to order entry, request your webinar recording today!
In this webinar recording, we will help you work smarter, more efficiently and more profitably by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to grow your customer base.
We will show you how Dynamics CRM is a sales and revenue multiplier:
  • An overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Marketing with Dynamics 365
  • Contact, lead, and account creation and management
  • Managing tasks, campaigns, and effective follow-up
  • Opportunity and pipeline management
  • How to use CRM for insights and forecasting
  • Using Dynamics CRM to keep your finger on the pulse of all marketing and sales-driven events
  • How to seamlessly manage order entry to order fulfillment online
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    Dharmesh Godha

    Dharmesh Godha

    President and CTO

    Dharmesh is the President and CTO at Advaiya Solutions. Dharmesh has 15+ years of experience in various technology platforms, solution design, and project implementations. At the current role, Dharmesh enjoys analyzing the direction of technology platforms and aligning Advaiya’s initiatives to the state-of-the-art in technology and business. He focuses on developing the vision and architecture for solutions on improving enterprise productivity and consumer experiences.

    Scott Clayton

    Engagement Director

    Scott has over a Decade in Software experience having worked in a variety of roles, including running the sales and marketing for the past 3 Software companies he has been at. Scott started his career selling Microsoft Dynamics and Azure Solutions. Scott loves the constantly changing Technologies and that drives him to help people find the best Solutions. Scott currently leads Advaiya’s Engagement Strategy and Operations. Scott received his Bachelor’s Degree from Western Washington University and his MBA from the Whitman School of Business at Syracuse University.

    Max Leavitt

    Engagement Associate

    Max has 6 years of project management experience along with a Bachelors in Business Management from Central Washinton University. One of Max’s favorite roles at Advaiya solutions is in customer services. Max also oversees marketing for the United States. Max has recently moved back to the United States after spending 6 years in Tokyo where he managed wholesale logistics to American military bases across Japan. Max looks forward to learning how we can help make technology work for you moving forward.
    Shane Thomas

    Shane Thomas

    Engagement Project Manager

    Shane has 20 years of experience in IT project management across a wide variety of industries. He holds a degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in Communications. Shane oversees customer engagement for all US based projects. He is based in Nashville and works closely with east coast-based companies helping them solve their technology challenges. When he’s not working you’ll find him spending time with his family and playing golf.