How to export an out of the box (OOTB) list view web part in SharePoint

SharePoint List view web part is the most often used out of the box web part in any SharePoint application. This blog post talks about the solution to export...

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Automate project status reports - so you never miss to share important details.

Get automated status reports on time and provide comprehensive and correct information.

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Using SharePoint Document Approval Workflows – Working with metadata and custom content types

This post talks about the solution to a problem when SharePoint 2013 workflow doesn’t work for document approval workflows.

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Developing Chatbots using Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS

The blog describes Microsoft BOT framework, LUIS (language understanding intelligent service), architecture and components, and how conversations can be created with BOTs.

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How to access SharePoint Rest API using OAuth

This post describes the method to access Rest APIs using Open ID connect and OAuth, considering a use case.

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Save yourself from the hustle of gathering project status at the last minute

Quickly share project information that needs your executives’ attention in one view with Quick Insight Executive Dashboard that AdValue offers. The AdValue quick start pack is built on Project...

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How to develop & bind custom template with custom content type in SharePoint

In this blog post, I will talk about creating a content type in SharePoint site that anyone can use wherever and whenever needed.

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Major concerns for Cloud Computing in respect of Office 365

As a Microsoft partner for Office 365 and Azure solution implementation, we often come across customers who are either planning to migrate some of the workload to Office 365...

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Enterprise-level innovation is democratized and available for SMB

Trends relating to cloud, mobility and data driven collaboration mean that SMBs can be every bit as sophisticated and cutting edge as large enterprises.

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Changes in Power BI licensing

Microsoft has unveiled a new licensing option for Power BI with changes in user licensing flexibility. Learn about those changes and their implications...

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Create Site Collection with custom template using Power Shell Script on SharePoint Online - Part 1

While working on SharePoint 2013 (on-premise), one can easily move our development to another environment, which is not the case in SharePoint online. To combat this, here is a...

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5 tips for a successful Office 365 intranet

O365 is a powerful tool for collaboration and improving employee productivity.  O365 with SharePoint provide modern ways to communicate and organize information and documents. Have you been able to...

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Spending too much time troubleshooting IT issues?

How many calls or requests in a week do you think the help desk receives related to infrastructure? How long do you think the help desk spend working on...

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Are you unable to make data-driven decisions?

Regardless the industry and the size of your company, when it comes to making strategic decisions, we often rely on gut feeling, ad-hoc reports or other traditional approaches. A...

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Facing unplanned downtime and reduced productivity?

Despite developments in infrastructure robustness, organizations still face software, hardware, network, and database downtime, ranging from short periods to closing the business for days. Unplanned downtime has been impacting...

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Five easy ways to avoid project delays

Fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on the budget over the past year. Keeping projects on track when handling continuous change requests...

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10 reasons to move your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the core of Microsoft’s Cloud offering, and it’s getting more and better received each year. In the final quarter of 2016 alone, Microsoft has reported a...

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Is your organization truly data-driven?

You are a bank manager. You discover the customer churn rate of your bank which has steadily increased. You realise a loophole in retaining the existing customers of your...

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Basics of Security Testing with SDLC Integration

Cyberpunks break into computer systems to steal, change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism. These persons are sneak enough to take advantage of hidden vulnerabilities of the...

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Why tech companies fail in product marketing

I am in regular discussion with various teams – Sales, Marketing and Product Development to get our new products out in the market and to get it right. Our...

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