Every week there are news stories about how technology is advancing certain processes. Field service providers are not far from this. From maintaining schedules, tracking moving inventory, to submitting work orders, and more are now done by field service management software. But what is field service management?

What is field service management?

Field service management a.k.a. field service automation is the process that helps you synchronize your company assets with your distributed workforce. This is a means of organizing and optimizing operations performed in the field. This process includes scheduling and optimization of field technicians, dispatching those technicians, delivery of parts or products with proper information, and support through the process. To implement this field service management process, there is various field service management software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, Oracle Field Service Cloud, Fieldpoint, Jobber, etc. While the field service management apps exist in all segments, it’s more common in the organizations that employ contract or mobile workers like facility management, mobile healthcare, utilities, logistics, and more.

How field service management software can help your organization?

Whether you are a small-sized field service provider, or an enterprise with thousands of field service agents, managing requests, orders, schedules, inventories, and billing needs an integrated approach. With a well-implemented field services solution, you can improve service delivery, reduce costs, gain efficiencies and exploit emerging digital opportunities. Bringing together processes, information and resources mean that a wealth of insights becomes available for growing your business. 

Benefits of working with FSM software –

There are several advantages for businesses as well as to field agents when you are working with field management software. Here are some of them –

Workflow management –

FSM software help organize your workflow in a way that streamlines the work and up efficiency. With field management software, you can track your employees’ movements, their ongoing tasks, reassign or change their tasks, and more. It provides you tools and data that are necessary to control, supervise and make decisions about every aspect of your business and employees quickly, to minimize inefficiency and optimize productivity.

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Revenues and cost management –

FSM software also has an impact in revolutionizing accounting. Good FSM software like Microsoft Dynamics Field Service can help you in creating invoices quickly and efficiently. Moreover, you can also integrate your invoicing system with your accounting software so there’s no unnecessary multiple software handling involved.

More customer satisfaction –

Satisfied customers are the key to every business’s continued success, and good field management software provides more customer satisfaction by allowing better communication and service updates between you and your clients.

Final words:

Good field service management software can be worth it for any organization. It could provide a visible difference for your business through the effects it will have on your business productivity and efficiency.

Scott Clayton

Scott has over a Decade in Software experience having worked in a variety of roles, including running the sales and marketing for the past 3 Software companies he has been at. Scott started his career selling Microsoft Dynamics and Azure Solutions. Scott loves the constantly changing Technologies and that drives him to help people find the best Solutions. Scott currently leads Advaiya’s Engagement Strategy and Operations. Scott received his Bachelor’s Degree from Western Washington University and his MBA from the Whitman School of Business at Syracuse University

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