The construction industry is the oldest and fastest-growing industry but it still faces many challenges in day-to-day tasks, whether it is an absence of a single tool for asset or inventory management or doing daily manual, repetitive admin tasks.

Nowadays, automation is at a very high pace either it might be in the construction field or offices. Repetitive task not only affects timeline but also have a huge impact on the budget. Companies are backing on technologies that can play a huge role and impact their business.

Also, in the construction industry, projects run at various locations, and many assets are being used, making it difficult for the business to keep track of their projects and assets. And many more such challenges, such as their data not being used at full pace, a lot of paperwork, no platform for performing audits and inspection, no reports and dashboard to know the status of any projects or status budget, and timewise.

Citing all the challenges, companies are moving and upgrading their infrastructure with Microsoft Power Platform. As the name suggests, it's the one-stop solution that can overcome all the challenges and help one to get all the data insights that will help them to make any future decision or update the current progress

Power Platform would be the best solution to overcome these challenges and can be used on a desktop or mobile device. Power Platform is a powerful set of applications that allow you to automate processes, build solutions, analyze data, and create virtual agents.

Power Platform help you be one step ahead of your competitor and provide solutions to help you take on the modern challenges i.e.

  • Automation for manual and repetitive tasks
  • Dynamic and automated approval processs
  • Asset managements
  • Data insights with interactive reports and dashboards
  • A single app to perform multiple audits.
  • Get better insights for lead generation and conversion, and many more.

Microsoft Power Platform incorporates mainly three technologies Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate. Power Platform prepares your business for digital transformation; also there are several other services, tools, and platforms that you can consider integrating and combining with Power Platform. These can be implemented as individual apps or as part of a larger product suite.

How Power Platform can benefit your business

1. Self-regulating Platform to transform your business:

You would often see the large pile of files that make you anxious and make your work lengthy and slow. With Power Platform integration, companies can automate their processes and functionalities, leaving aside the manual entry of specific data. Automating manual or paper-based forms and workflows, such as a single app for performing quality control inspection, performance audits, or app to report any accidents or blockage and many more processes. This will reduce time spent on manual and repetitive tasks and will result in client satisfaction

2. Real-time resource and asset management:

Generally, organizations have multiple projects running at various locations. So, creating a single app where you can request and track the resources would be just icing on the cake. You will be able to keep track of the resources and help you get a better idea of their future allocation. With the help of an interactive dashboard, you would track the project's timelines and give a better idea of your asset location and its future availability.

3. All enterprise business processes in a single platform:

Given the importance of data in our digital age, it's crucial to have a single and meaningful narrative from your data, reporting, and silos. The power platform comes with 250+ data connectors so that you can connect data residing at different places and get additional insights using Artificial intelligence. You would be able to segregate your data and can get meaning complete insights from it by creating reports or dashboards in Power BI .

4. Empower your work with intelligent chatbots:

Whenever there is a need to save time and money, a Chatbot suits best for the purpose. Chatbots will be the first place to interact with your client or your team member. So you can create customer loyalty by giving them an experience they will remember, and also you can personalize the user experience and boost customer satisfaction. You can also integrate chatbots with the power apps that can help the user ease navigate through the system and share the useful links that might help them solve their query and smoothen the process.

5. Integrating AI for additional insights:

Adapting Power Platform in your organization brings you certain capabilities of AI and machine learning. AI Builder integrated with PowerApps can quickly help you simplify tasks using AI models such as prediction, form processing, object detection, category classification, and entity extraction via a simple, intuitive interface. Integrating IoT with power automate flow will keep you updated with machine efficiency and help ease of maintenances. In Power BI you can leverage the functionality of Data QnA where you can ask a question to your data or report and get results in the form of interactive visuals which will also help you in proper decision making. You can also visualize trends in revenue for past months and predict for the coming future months using predictive analysis.

Businesses that have nested modern technology can thrive on opportunities and adapt to challenges at any stage of a project from tender right through to delivery. Being agile can be the difference between finishing a project with margin intact or operating at a loss. In the future days to come, BI and automation will radically transform the business of construction business. The companies that embrace data analytics and the latest technologies will innovate and help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Posted by Advaiya

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